Saturday, October 24, 2015

How to Teach Kids a Coloring Skill

Coloring is a skill that is preferred by many children. Therefore the way to teach children coloring mothers need to know that we are more easily when teaching children to paint a picture. Childhood usually they are very fond scribble wall or anything if they find a pencil or crayon, now the mother rather than their home scribbling walls better facilitate their mothers with picture books and tools for drawing and coloring. At the initial stage teach our children to dye before we teach drawing or mother can simultaneously teach simultaneously coloring and drawing, but usually it is so little fuss. In order to get a better result parents can focus on the color first and then later stages to teach children how to draw. coloring pages for kids
Mother here are some ways to teach children coloring:

1. The first is to introduce langakah first base as the colors: black, white, red, yellow, and hijau.2. Invite your child to color the picture as simple as drawing triangles, squares, rectangles while the mother introduces forms in children.
3.Tahap further encourage children to dye animal or plant that pleased him so that the child will be motivated to dye because he liked the picture. coloring books for kids
4. If your child likes robots or cars then invite the child to color the robot picture or a favorite toy car.
5. Once the children were delighted with coloring activities apply the rules to paint a picture with a neat do not get out of line, pahamkan in children if the color out of the lines will diminish its beauty.
6. Teach also for children to mix colors, do experiment with the child so that the child will feel happy if he finds a new color from the color mixing it can motivate children to continue coloring. eg a mixture of all the colors it produces black. coloring pages superhero
8.Jangan forcing our children to paint when he was bored with these activities allow children to do other activities before then if his mood was back then take her coloring again.

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